So I’ve Decided to Write About Movies

On a particularly boring day at work, a coworker and I were talking about movies. In a moment of weakness, I made the critical mistake of mentioning I had never seen the Bourne trilogy. I know right? I’m a loser, eh? That’s about the reaction I got from my fellow toy store employee, who believed never seeing those movies is akin to murdering puppies or war crimes. So began a lengthy back-and-forth about which “must-see” films both of us have never actually seen. Turns out he had never seen Avatar, which, statistically speaking, is a movie basically everyone has seen.

Though he had seen Dances With Wolves and The Smurfs, so we'll excuse it.

Though he had seen Dances With Wolves and The    Smurfs, so we’ll excuse it.

The conversation got me thinking about all these standards I had never experienced, and that I bet a lot of people have their own “Lists of Shame” full of films they’re ashamed to admit they’ve never experienced. The reasons for missing these so-called classics could be anything; maybe we couldn’t afford to see them in theatres, maybe we can’t find it on DVD or Netflix or maybe we’re lazy. But I will hide it no longer, I have a list of shame, and it’s quite long. So I’ve decided to compile this list here and chronicle my experience of crossing films off one by one. I shall watch, I shall blog, and hopefully I shall inspire others to make their own lists and enjoy some great movies.

Like this one!

Like this one!

So here’s my list, appearing in no particular order. These are all movies I have never seen. Some I’ve been meaning to see for a long time, some I’ve drawn from recommendations on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, I’m always up for additions, so let me know if you can think of any (By the way, I’ve since seen the Bourne Trilogy).

The Godfather (Part 1 & 2)




Every James Bond movie except the Daniel Craig ones – but for the sake of brevity we’ll just say Goldfinger and From Russia With Love

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Schindler’s List


The Green Mile


The Seven Samurai



A Clockwork Orange

Any Terminator movie

Saving Private Ryan


Jurassic Park (I saw it when I was really young, but don’t remember anything besides dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum)

The Departed


All the Rocky films

Blade Runner

Sin City

No Country for Old Men

V For Vendetta

The Princess Bride

Rain Man

Groundhog Day

That’s the list I’m starting out with. I’ll cross each movie off and post my thoughts as I go along. Of course, I’ll be adding more movies all the time. And if you have a request, just let me know and I’ll watch.

Here’s to good movies.

– Matt


7 thoughts on “So I’ve Decided to Write About Movies

  1. Great list. I love watching movies and reviewing them, so I look forward to how you review a lot of these films. If I could make one suggestion, for the Bond Films, you could always watch one film from each Bond actor. “Goldfinger”, “From Russia With Love”, or even “Dr. No” are all good choices out of Sean Connery’s films. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” for George Lazenby (no choice there, since it was his only film”. “The Spy Who Loved Me” for Roger Moore, since it’s the best blend of his intrepretation of Bond and the previously established style of Connery. “The Living Daylights” for Timothy Dalton, since it was Dalton’s first flick, and the real attempt for a “literature James Bond” focused film protrayal. And “Goldeneye” for Pierce Brosnan. If you were to pick just one, however, “Goldfinger” for sure. It pretty much set the template and standard for Bond films.

    • Thanks tommy, I really picked goldfinger and from russia with love because I pickes them up cheap on bluray a couple weeks ago. I’ll definitely go to the other bonds after I’m done with those two. I like the idea of doing one of each. Thanks again

      • I actually picked up a bunch of the pre-Craig bond films on sale at HMV a while back, most of the DVDs were 5 dollars or less there. It’s interesting to see the gradual changes of James Bond movies over decades and actors, for sure.

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