So I’m Matt, and I’m a huge movie fan from Canada. I’ll watch movies of any genre, era or language. My favourites include everything from golden-age classics like Citizen Kane to modern comedies like Superbad. I love hidden gems like Attack the Block and major blockbusters like the Dark Knight. I just love watching movies, really.

Yup, golden-age classics

                        Yup, golden-age classics

But despite this, I’m ashamed to admit there’s a ton of movies I haven’t seen. So I created a list of shame to document all these classics I’ve missed out on. This blog is here to chronicle my journey through this lengthy list of cinematic standards. The list I’ve started out with regrettably includes some movies considered to be the greatest of all time, like the Godfather, Chinatown and Casablanca; some cult classics like Blade Runner and V for Vendetta; and blockbusting hits like the Titanic and Jurassic Park. My goal is to enjoy some great movies, tear down some overrated ones and ultimately inspire others to do the same. If there are any movies you want me to check out that aren’t on my list, let me know, I’m happy to make additions.


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